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May 12, 2016 - Jonathan Finn continues to gain valuable experience in the Dodici Pollici MiniGP Italian Cup Championship as he achieved two top ten finishes this past weekend at Circuito internazionale di Cuneo in Busca, Italy.
Finn’s progression in the Dodici Pollici MiniGP Italian Cup Championship was evident, but it wasn’t without some struggle early in the weekend. “My team and I tested here at Busca a few weeks ago so I could get comfortable with the track and get the bike setup for this weekends race,” said Finn. “Unfortunately, during practice on Saturday the bike just wasn’t feeling the way it did during the test. I struggled early on trying different bike settings but nothing really seemed to work for me. We ended up using my teammate's setup that I felt really confident with heading into qualifying practice.”
Finn was able to improve on his last qualifying effort three weeks ago by qualifying seventh on the grid. During the first race Finn managed to move forward off the start as he battled for position. “I got a great start and was able to push toward the front. I knew where I was fast and tried to make up ground in those sections and hold off attackers where I wasn’t fast,” said Finn. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to move too far forward and was able to hold on to a seventh place finish.  “The second race, I totally messed up the start and I needed to work even harder to get back up toward the main group.” Finn was able to work through traffic to secure another seventh place finish.
Finn and his team, Jaco’s Team, will now start to prepare for the fourth round of the Dodici Pollici MiniGP Italian Cup Championship at Circuito di Pomposa just south of Venice on Italy’s Adriatic coast. This next event will be the last before the series takes a mid season break and Finn will return to Canada and continue to train and prepare for the second half of the Dodici Pollici MiniGP Italian Cup Championship season. “Although my riding is continuing to improve and my laps times are coming down, I know I can do better and I’m really determined on working towards a Top 5 finish this season,” said Finn. “I want to thank all my sponsors and everyone that have been supporting me and helping me work towards my dream."

​​12 Pollici Italian Cup: Pomposa

8 luglio 2016 - Sapore di mare, sapore di gare: nonostante il maltempo belle gare, i primi calcoli per i titoli da assegnare e sempre spettacolo

​Se a Busca abbiamo visto “i numeri” dei piloti del Dodici Pollici, qui a Pomposa abbiamo visto i “calcoli” per accaparrarsi i vari titoli stagionali. Od almeno, chi si batte per la leadership ha iniziato a prendere dovute cautele ed iniziare a recintare il proprio giardino.
Purtroppo il maltempo l’ ha fatta ancora da padrone, e Tlaloc (divinità azteca della pioggia) decide di burlarsi di coloro che avrebbero preferito un bel sole cocente, degno dei lidi ferraresi di tarda primavera. Il 12 Giugno per l’ esattezza, quando si dice che la numerologia fa capolino nella cabala del paddock.

​Categoria MiniGP Under

La classe MiniGP under è la categoria promozionale che spesso riserva belle sorprese. In questo caso è il giovanissimo Vitali Andrea a sbucare fuori dal’ uscio e farsi notare sul tracciato Ferrarese. Dodici anni tutto pepe e 12 cavalli forniti dallo Jacos Team, regalano la doppia vittoria al piccolo campioncino. Dodici è un numero che oggi non vuole proprio abbandonarci!
Gara uno e due vedono in seconda piazza Conte Davide, seguito da Costa , Zoffoli e Lolli nella prima, mentre nella successiva vediamo lo scambio per gli ultimi due citati, ma in seconda e terza posizione. Costa quarto al secondo traguardo. Qui a Pomposa Lolli è per la prima volta a podio, una bella emozione da ricordare e raccontare agli amici a casa.
Ancora doppio “esa piazzamento” per il Canadese Finn il quale mostra crescita e spirito di adattamento. In qualifica piazza la sua moto sulla terza casella, primo miglior piazzamento stagionale, con grande ed onorata soddisfazione del team che lo ospita nella nostra stupenda terra di motori.

May 03, 2016 - Jonathan Finn began the 2016 Dodici Pollici MiniGP Italian Cup Championship with a strong effort. The Jaco’s Team Italian MiniGP rookie raced to 16th and 15th respectively in the weekends 2 races after qualifying 18th at the Circuito Internazionale South Milano in Ottobiano Italy in late April.

“I had a strong weekend at Ottobiano for the second round of the Dodici Pollici MiniGP Italian Cup,” said Finn. “I wanted to make the most of the practice sessions on Friday and Saturday to make the right changes to the bike setup for qualifying. Sunday morning’s qualifying session was a struggle for me. It was difficult to get a clear run without getting tangled up in traffic and that kept me from getting into a good rhythm and putting down a solid qualifying time.” Finn would end up qualifying in 18th position, which “was farther back on the grid then what I was hoping for.”

Finn had to fight his way forward during both of his races on Sunday from deep on the grid. “I made a mistake on the start of the first race causing me to head into the first corner back in 22nd position. I really had to put my head down and work my way through traffic. The riders over here in Italy are very fast and hard to pass.” Finn was able to work his way from 22nd to a 16th place finish in the first race.

“I knew I needed to get a better start in the second race if I was going have a better finish," said Finn after the race. He got off the starting line strong and throughout the race was involved in tough battles for position, even having other riders make contact with him. “This level of competition is way above anything that I have experienced before, which is good for me. It is forcing me not to make mistakes and to be a faster rider.” Finn would cross the finish line in his second race in 15th place.

Jonathan Finn entered the Dodici Pollici MiniGP Italian Cup series after several national championship-winning seasons in Canada as well as strong wildcard entries in the United States and Italy. He is competing in his first full race season internationally to build on his experience as he works towards earning a place in the Junior World Championships.

Finn's next race takes him to Busca, Italy and to the Circuito Internazionale di Cuneo where he and his team (Jaco’s Team) are looking to build on what were two very encouraging races at the Ottobiano. Finn heads into Busca 16th overall in the championship point standings having missed the opening round of the series in March.

Finn: “A huge thanks to my team (Jaco’s Team) for all of their hard work and patience. Of course I couldn't do any of this without the help of all of my sponsors and family. I had a fantastic weekend and I'm excited to see what's to come in the future.”Type your paragraph here.

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